Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fun times on facebook!

Ok so this may be my favorite up to this date. The Devin kid kinda made it interesting with his "understanding" for science. But I think I held my own and made my points

tell u how awesome my God is... Van broke yesterday, i have prayed, cried, gripped. Part was discontinued, if we cld fine one was gonna be very expensive! Mr. Bob just called me, he fixed my van! THANK U JESUS, U NEVER LET ME DOWN! Praise God..

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 u have a van lol
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 you can fix anything with bailing wire and duct tape.....
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Ryan Darden
 Shouldnt you be thanking Mr. Bob? just sayin
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 i did thank mr bob, but first and foremost i thanked God!
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Ryan Darden
 Same thing would have happened if you would have prayed to a lucky horseshoe
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Ryan Darden
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Ryan Darden
 Praise Bob!
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 wow...nothing would exist seperate from our God, no one is good but God, and all good things comes from God! No gift and and no power exists accept by the Yehovah God who decided to to dispence it--purely out of grace, because we don't even deserve it!
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 One day every knee will bow and every tongue will praise Yehovah! I choose to praise Him now and live in His glory and walk in His blessings---nothing better than to be in His presence, pardoned by the blood of His Son, Yeshua!
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 God is so great! He has "fixed" things for me that seemed unfixable!
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Tina Dendy love it natalie!
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 amen, marikris!
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Ryan Darden
 Unfortunately you all are delusional and schizophrenic, and even worse you dont even realize it!!!!!!!
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 I'm cool with being a delusional(in your eyes) if it creates in me joy and demands respect towards others.
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 ryan everyone knows ur beliefs, u choose to believe ur way and we choose to believe ours! We serve a MIGHTY GOD! What u want to believe is ur business, i will continue to pray for u. Please, stay off my page with ur opinion! I dont post on ur status when ur talkin bout bein an atheist.. STOP attempting to get attention on my page! Thank u and may God Bless u!
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Ryan Darden
 Its facebook chill out, when you make a post on facebook you make it everybody else's business! Im just calling people out on there stupidity, its my human right.
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 i am very proud to post that as my status, im proud to make that EVERYONES business! Im just sayin callin people stupid is a bit RUDE! Its also my human right to call u an idiot and a fool for believing the way u do, BUT i dont! Im always nice to u, cause i know that on the inside u r a nice person and i dont judge people! Just grow up!
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 Awesome!!!! We saw you driving away!!
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 i was so happy and relieved! That was such a blessing to recieve that phone call! Just proves that the     man upstairs is always listening and he answers prayers!
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 when you believe ~ you receive! and if you have a negative attitude don't respond! where are you going with this!!!
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Ryan Darden Just giving my opinion of how pointless and ridiculous it is to pray.
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 I'll pray pray pray pray for you! amen!
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Ryan Darden
 No thanks!
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 yes thanks! you're not worth my time!
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Ryan Darden
 Aww that hurt! I never asked for your time in the first place.
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Ryan Darden
Thats that good Christian attitude I love to hear!
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 You know the christian attitude????? from where!
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Ryan Darden
 I grew up in a Christian home, I was saved when I was 11.
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 ‎.........and! why would you question!
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Ryan Darden
 I grew up. My common sense came into play. My passion for science started the research that has now given me and understanding. So every chance I get to try and wake people up I usually take it. All religion is false and man made and basically its making people ignorant, and poor kids who are brought up in this craziness never have a chance.
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 why were you saved?
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Ryan Darden
 Because I was 11 years old and had no clue of what life was all about and the preacher would always talk about hell and torture, what was I supposed to do? I was scared. No 11 year old should ever be forced to make those kinds of decisions when they are still at such an impressionable state, yet so many family's do that to there kids. As a result they grow up never having questioned anything because they were brainwashed into this religious belief, then they do the same thing to there kids and on and on. Like mindless robots.
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 Ryan I grew up as a "preachers daughter" rebellied BIG time ~ sowed them oates!!!but now and seeing what's happening to this world!!!
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Ryan, I respect your beliefs even though i do not believe in what you do. You are right it is your human right to believe whatever you want to believe and thats fiine and well but there is no sense in bashing and hijacking a thread. Not con...See More
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Ryan Darden
 Debbie its not about rebelling, its about coming to a realization of what is reality. Katelin if you think your 7 year old knows the truth about something like religion, well then there is no hope for you. To say something like that makes no sense at all, your 7 year old believes in santa clause too im sure.
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‎) then anyone who does not follow the Lord God with all his heart is bound for hell. Correct? But if i am wrong what exactly have i lost? Nothing. I still live a great life fool of friends and have more fun now than i ever have. But on the...See More
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 Sorr the word is laminin... Here is a link if you want to look..,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=73fc2eee6b126d9
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Ryan Darden
Devin man, I hate to say it but you really need to go back and study what evolution is all about. Evolution takes millions of years. We did not come from monkeys because they are still here. We have a common ancestor of course.Evolution is ...See More
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Ryan Darden
 If you are wrong what have you lost? you have wasted a life believing in something false. Religion is the reason for many wars, it gives people a false reality thinking they know some kind of truth.It promotes ignorance by going against science. Brainwashes children. and on and on and on
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And science doesnt brainwash people. Man it has you brainwashed. Im not attacking you at all in this post. Im just saying. How many times has the Bible ever been proven false? If it has never been able to be proven false then wouldnt it be true. You are getting me all wrong. I HATE religion. What it has become. I think even God hates what religion has become. I love God though. And if that is the best arguement you can make about what i have lost if im wrong well i guess ill take those loses. Jus so i know what exactly are your beliefs? You say you are an athiest... Correct? Athiest say they believe there is no God, and if there is no God then why do you hate him so much?
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Ryan Darden
 Devin your killing me man, how can science brainwash a person? Science is based on provable reproducible evidence!!! dont you know that? The bible has been proven false many times by people of science. I have nothing against God because I dont believe in a god. My problem is with all the craziness religion causes. All of the false teaching. Religion is holding people back from learning.
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Ryan Darden
 lol Kate you need help. Im sorry but you dont even understand my argument at all, your just blurting out things about your 7 year acting like he is a mature adult. just sayin. Let the kid be 7 and play with toys and quit brainwashing him with religion, he is to young to have that kinda mess imprinted into his head. Aww I was deleted! im so sad! I love how you call me a FREAK so everybody can see how stupid you are. Dont you know thats not very Christian like to make fun of people and call them freaks?
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Man i like science also. I have studied it. But science is just a study and has been proven false over and over. For instance you believe the Earth is millions of years old. The only way to derive that opinion is carbon dating which in itself is basically just one big hypothesis. You can 10 different "scientist" and run the same sample 10 times and get 10 different answers. So therefore Carbon dating contradicts itself in every way. And just another proven scientific FACT... If and organism contains Carbon 14 it begins to loose 1 carbon atom every 6000 years. So if some of this would and rocks and fossils they are finding are millions of years old how are they carbon dating them. If science which you believe in is correct whithin 100,000 years all carbon atoms should be gone from any once living organism making the pressumed assumptions of carbon dating erroneous. But that is left out in most science reports i suppose.
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But i guess that is how science works... If it doesnt fit what i belive in i guess we will just toss this info out. LOL. Believe in science if you want but by believing in science you are no different than me beleiving in the bible. All science is is Human Opinion. You havae never yourself studied and proven that the Earth is millions of years old so by believing that you are believing in what man has wrote and basically hear say. How many times have you stidied evolution and proven it fact or studied the idea of the solar systems moving apart due to the big bang theory? You have probably just read it in books and believed in it correct? And who wrote those books? MAN. Therefore how can you bash on religion and believing in the Bible when you yourself only believe what scientist have spoon fed you. You contradict yourself man.
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Ryan Darden
Ok listen im gettin tired of arguing with you, you keep coming back at me with things that make no sense. Carbon dating has a range of up to 50,000 years. Carbon dating is only one of the many radiometric methods used. There are other methods such as uranium and rubidium which measure in the millions and billions of years. There are of course limitations and variables when using these methods but scientists understand and include these in their calculations. A fossil may be 1.56 million years old or 1.38 million years old but on that large of a scale a 100 thousand years is not very important. Science continually refines and redefines itself to help us better understand the world we live in. Science is not made of opinions it is created through careful analysis and questioning of the way things around us work. Religion is just a statement that you either believe or you do not. If your gonna keep arguing with me its just gonna be a huge waste of time for me and you. Its clear your arguments hold no water with me and you have no desire to accept the facts.
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 OK I deleted my comments.. But I am a Jesus FREAK and proud of it.. My kids are my kids and thats how it will always be so PLEASE do not worry about them.. And everyone else be smart DELETE button!!!!!!
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Ryan Darden
 lol so you deleted your comments? Why? do you not want people to see how messed up your thoughts are? I dont care who deletes me, im only speaking the truth and if you choose to ignore that and delete me then thats fine. Its just pruning ignorance from my page.
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Ryan Darden
 Its facebook girl, anybody can post on anybodys page. Im not looking for attention, im looking to spread the truth. People like you just get upset because what im talking about makes everything you say sounds ignorant.
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Ryan how do you know the info you just gave me? You read it in a book. That is no different than me reading my Bible and believing what i read. Science has not been redefined it has been proven false and therefore to cove there tracks they say well we have this new "refined method." How often are science books reprinted and changed? Im just stating my arguement. As far as the uranium and rubidium testing they are controversial to say the least and in another 10 years they will probably be proven inaccurate and a better more "redefined" way will be invented again... LOL. This has happened time and again. Im not saying your beliefs are wrong. If thats what you want to pursue that is fine. Just as you have whole heartedly bought into science i have whole heartedly bought into Jesus. I know you say this is facebook and you have a right to post whatever and that is true enough but what about the right to pursue happyness? Doesnt everyone have that 2? If pursuing science makes you happy i am happy for you, but if tina or whoever else wants to pursue Jesus is it to hard for you to let that go and let them be happy. You say you just want to spread the truth, but if you see an ugly baby do you point that out to the mother? Im just saying.
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Ryan Darden
 Devin you are missing the point completely. You are making up your own facts about science that are simply not true. If you can not understand my points and clearly you do not, well then this is becoming a waste of time even talking to you. You continuously change the truth to benefit you, as most religious people do. Ever heard of moving the goal post? That is all your doing.
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So does science. Im not missing your point im just showing you that you have on blinders. If science isnt moving the goal post and changing its story every day then why do they have to reprint science text books ATLEAST every 2 years if not sooner? Im not saying science is a sham... Im just saying that it is a huge sales pitch and you have bought in. Granted some things can be proven but how do you logically expect that we can totally completely without a doubt verify something is 4.5 billion years old when we have no way of testing the equipment because we arent sure of date of what we are testing. To calibrate any machine you have to have a control that you know the absolutes about... How do you know that uranium and rubidium testing are correct if you yourself cannot prove to me that what you are testing is how old you say it is? Just like you say my arguement hold no water yours hold none to me because you are speaking wholely on beliefs as well being as these methods of testing are not accepted throughout science.
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Ryan Darden
Science and Religion are so very different. Science does not require nearly as much faith as religion. Sure, there is always a point at which you cannot know for 100% certain what the truth is, but Science takes us alot further towards that point. Religion tells you God created the world and that is it. Science tells us our best estimation of how the world was created and uses what we know and understand about how things work to prove those claims. When new evidence arises we must modify those claims. Science textbooks are updated as new evidence and information arises. The Bible has remained the same since it was written, that alone should raise questions of its validity. I don't know what your job is but surely you wouldn't follow manuals and directions on it from hundreds of years ago. I cant continue to argue with you all day long, if you can not understand I guess you never will. Have a great day.
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ryan, i think i have told u before cause we seem to have these talks often, but.. I have lived my life without the lord, i lived my life for me, i got drunk, i got high. It was all for me! I didnt gain nething from that lifestyle but a lesson and alot of bad memories. I have lived with an addict that would steal from his child to go buy a crumb, i sat back and watched his life spiral out of control. One day he woke up, he was clean for two yrs, in that two yrs he pursued Jesus with a passion! He read his bible everynight, he went to church. Then one day he just stopped he put God on the back burner, and started living his life for himself again, he is now locked up for many yrs. Of course he has found Jesus again and i pray for him everyday, that he never loses sight of the only one that turns us from our wicked ways. I praise him everyday that he changed my life. I just saw my two daughters baptized i have a joy in my hrt that is undiscrible. Jesus says ANYONE can come to the father.
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 The fact that the beble has never changed proves its validity to me. You have a great day as well. God bless :)
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Ryan Darden
 Tina I have done everything you have done in my life and had fun doing it. I have done bad things to people and I have done good things for people. Most people I know respect me and think of me as a great friend, and there is no god in my life at all. So people do not need religion to be good people, thats just a ridiculous excuse for the weak minded. You cant deal with the reality of life so you turn it over to a make believe person and it makes you feel all better. Thats just sad and weak.
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Tina Dendy
i am weak ryan, i dont think its sad. I appreciate the lord bein my strength! I deal with realitu everyday, but i have also been forgiven of my past and the old me! Its such a wonderful blessing to know that! Knowing that no matter what i do in my life as long as God is first and foremost, im forgiven, im loved unconditionaly.. Gah, it makes me so happy to know that! To hear my kids say their prayers at night, to hear my 5 yr old quote bible verses. Its amazing! My girls will grow up to make their own choices n life, i know i cant always hold their hand, but i have peace in knowing that someone else can. I just pray that as they grow Jesus guides their steps, holds their hands and never lets them go! Im sure ur mom prayed the same thing, pretty sure she still does! Its an amazing thing Jesus can do, not religion. Religion cant get u nowhere, neither can a church building. It all comes from him.. Im not a closeminded person, but u are. In a sense, science is ur "religion." i dont think ur a bad person,
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 ive known u since middle school. I think ur a tenderhearted person, i think that u are easily influenced, maybe not. U seem to be strong mimded in ur beliefs which bring u joy. I also am a very stong minded woman, who has always spoke my mind, alot of times thats not m.y best feature.. MY joy though Ryan, comes from my father, im alwaysa gonna be ur friend no matter what u think i shd believe in, but the joy i have from him is never ending! I serve a risewn savior and im so happy to tell u about him!
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Ryan Darden
 Um...yea....sure. Forcing adult beliefs on a 5 year old should be criminal by the way, i know your gonna say your not forcing anything on them, but damn they are to young to know better, so yes your forcing beliefs on them, that they will grow up never questioning and will do the same thing to there kids and so on. Good luck with that fairy tale life.
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Ryan Darden
 Tina you knew me in middle school, you know nothing about me now. Easily influenced? lol thats just proves how little you know about me. You are the one who is easily influenced, you have had a hard life and you have let pisgah church influence you and now your a jesus freak.
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 And praise GOD she is a Jesus freak!!! Thats the best compliment anyone has ever given her. With that close. I pray that you would change your mind before the end man. How sad it would be if you have to find out firsthand that there really is a hell. Have a good day Ryan. Ill pray for you becaue your not a waist of my time
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 thank u ryan, i love that im a jesus freak!! Pisgah church didnt influence me into nething, i grew up in church... I choose to go to pisgah, because thats where i feel welcomed. Ur right im not forcing my kids to go to church, my 5 yr old ask all the time to go to church, because she loves it! Hope u have a great day and ur always in my prayers!
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 Devin you are so right.. THats y i quit.. Jesus Freak or the best
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Ryan Darden
 Please dont pray for me, your just embarrassing yourself. You could spend that time reading a book on evolution.
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 good morning ryan, hope u have a blessed day and find comfort in knowing all the prayers that are goin up for u! Funny thing about us Jesus Freaks we dont embarrass ourselves when we pray. We find peace there! Knowing that our prayers dont fall on deaf ears..
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 God will always your prayers or he will give something better than you have expected if you believe in Him and confessed Jesus as Lord of your life!
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Giving Credit to the wrong person

This time I was trying to be nice and point out that her son, after doing good in school, should be praised for the hard work instead of giving all the thanks to the make believe guy in the sky. Well that didnt go to well, I really pissed a few people off and they were even acting like I was attacking the child. 

 February 28 at 10:48pm
Angie Horton Dendy
Prayer is a powerful thing...Ty has struggled so much with school and I have prayed so hard for teachers that would help and understand and be patient with him and Resources available to him that would help him.. Praise God we are seeing SO much improvement with him in school!!
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Ryan Darden
 Maybe Ty is the one who deserves the credit, just sayin.
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 Ty will tell u that when we pray before test he does so much better and Ty has been praised for the good work but God is worthy of ALL the praise and glory for this!
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Ryan Darden
 I bet he has test anxiety and praying helps relieve that anxiety, therefore he does better.
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 Been there done that and i know exactly how u feel...proud for the improvement
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 Actually u dont know what Ty deals with and technically its none of ur business and I know u want attention and want me to argue with u but i will not bc this is my status and i am VERY proud of him and nothing u say will change me praising God for an area he is helping Ty in.
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 Thank u michael!
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Ryan Darden
 Not trying to argue, was just making a a point.
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 Great so proud for him ! God is so good and the Power of prayer is awesome !
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 Ryan you might your points to yourself before you get in trouble! JUST SAYING
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Ryan Darden
 Get in trouble by who? lol that is just funny! I was just making a point, deal with it.
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 If you believe you will receive! big or small HE is listening!!!
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Jerri -
 good point Ryan -- so you are saying that God does indeed answer Ty's prayer by relieving any anxiety he may have in a testing process much like what you experienced as a child I remember. After all, we all know and should remember that scripture says we are to cast all our anxiety on the Lord. Way to go Ty. God is indeed ALWAYS faithful!!! Thanks for pointing that out!!
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Ryan Darden
 No im saying that test anxiety can cause people to do badly on test, and getting rid of the test anxiety will help out a lot, no matter how you do it, weather it be by praying, or my meditating or by taking medication. It science not magic. This is what you call a placebo effect, you think something is true and it becomes true and benefits you.

 Ryan I have Heard enough out of you. When you have kids you can corrupt them with your crap. I will raise my kids with god as the main focus. That is the best thing for my family so you deal with it.
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Ryan Darden 
Dude chill out, I was just making a point! What i believe is not crap its real, go read a science book.
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Conversations with theists on facebook. Enjoy lol

Ok so this is my first time making a blog so if things are not perfect I apologize. I erased the last names of the people involved in the discussion except for mine, my name is Ryan Darden. Also when I saved the comments I forgot to open a few of them up to see the whole comment so they were cut off, my mistake, will try to do better. Ok so hope you enjoy.

I can remember throughout school starting every morning with a prayer and... "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States Of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all !!!" We no longer do that for... fear... of Offending someone !!! Let's see how many Americans will re-post this & NOT CARE if it offends anyone

 I DO NOT want to offend, BUT I do stand for what I believe in. Everyone has their opinion and I have mine, being from America, I can voice mine freely thanks to all the past present and future soldiers.
February 22 at 7:56pm · Like · 2 people

to make other people do something just because you think its right is wrong!! it would offend me if me or my kids were forced to pray anywhere!!!!
February 22 at 7:57pm · Like

 Simple, put it back in the the schools for the parents that want their children to say a prayer, and if you dont them to, then they should not have to. But as far as the Pledge of Allegiance, this is what MY country stands for. If you dont like it, DONT LIVE HERE.If living here is better than where you are from, stop whining about our countries values.
February 22 at 8:06pm · Like · 5 people

 I agree with you Cherin. Even to this day when the pledge is said at school, I stand, cover my heart and gladly voice the words. I am also proud to say that one of the schools I work in offer at time "for prayer and meditation" giving the students a choice. Nobody seems to have a problem with a prayer being said before football games, so why not a school day? I am proud of my God, my country, and the people who serve daily so that I can have a choice. I certainly don't care who I offend by utilizing this right!
February 22 at 8:07pm · Like · 5 people

 One more thing,please learn english if you would, if i go to another country I would need to learn your language.
February 22 at 8:14pm · Like · 4 people

Think about it. EVERYONE who has become a naturalized citizen had to pledge allegiance to our flag and country aand God, SO why are they oposing it now.
February 22 at 8:14pm · Like · 2 people

I have a problem with prayer being said before football games!! by the way I never said anything was wrong with saying the pledge of allegiance, just the prayer. Also making kids do something just because there parents thinks its right is also wrong!!!! kids that are young enough to believe in santa clause should not be forced to believe in a religion, its sickening. just sayin
February 22 at 8:16pm · Like

 Totally with you here. We have moments of silence here and they can be used anyway the kids want...whether its to pray(any religion they choose) or just pause and reflect. But, Hell yeah.... if you don't like our flag, pledge, or country...LEAVE!!!
February 22 at 8:19pm · Like

 Ryan, till u have kids, just saying. U know darn well that if u did, u would be teaching them what u believe. I have that right to teach my kids about God and anything else I want. Knowing that when they got old enough I respect them to make their own decisions. I might not approve but it is their own decision.
February 22 at 8:20pm · Like · 2 people

 Gotta get to work all, thank every1 for ur thoughts :)
February 22 at 8:23pm · Like

But you are brainwashing them! dont you see that? See the big difference in what you believe and what I believe is the fact that im right and you and everybody that has a religion is wrong! It has no place in school in any way shape or form because it is wrong!!!
February 22 at 8:24pm · Like

 until u have kids u really dont no what u would do or how u would raise them "brainwashing" r u serious right now!?! read tha bible hunny and c for urself whether or not u would want ur own to follow in jesus's footsteps u r entitled to ur own opinion but dont get too carried away
February 22 at 8:35pm · Like · 2 people

 I pray for those who don't believe in prayer OR God, because they have NO hope. They will just live and die...and spend eternity separated from God!
February 22 at 8:45pm · Like · 2 people

Having kids has nothing to do with it lol are you kidding me!!!!!!!!!! Religion is horrible and false and it is the dumbing down of out people! I would want my kids to be smart and be respected instead of being made fun of for being ignorant and believing in some magic fairy tale story! Sorry Whitney but just because you read something doesn't make it true, sorry bout your luck
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SOMEDAY soon, ....."For it is written sayeth the Lord, "Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess to God," " So then, every one of us shall give account of himself to God." Romans 14:11-12.
Whether you believe or not, this will sti...See More
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Will it? I mean are you sure it will happen? or did you just read it in some old book written a few thousand years ago? I study science and reasoning and the smartest scientist in the world believe the way I do.
February 22 at 9:14pm · Like

 As I said earlier, I'll pray for you, because you don't know God OR His son Jesus, which means you have NO HOPE!
February 22 at 9:19pm · Like

 I had rather believe and be wrong than not believe and be wrong.
February 22 at 9:21pm · Like · 2 people

lol dont pray for me, it just a wast of time. how about you spend that time reading about atheism with an open mind, it might change ur life
February 22 at 9:22pm · Like

 Everyone has a right to the way they feel and how they live their lives. I don't believe anyone should push their views on other people. Ryan, you are a good friend and I respect your views but please keep the negative and trash talking to yourself. I have known for a very long time that you don't believe in the same God I do. I will not judge you for that so please show everyone here that same RESPECT.
February 22 at 9:22pm · Like · 1 person

Helen if you believe that way then you might as well not even believe at all, your using it as a convenience. Just be like me! living a real life is so much more rewarding.
February 22 at 9:23pm · Like

umm well Katherine if we were all on the same level I would do that, but we are not so I will continue to show no respect for any kind of religion and I will crush it every chance I get till the day I die! Religion needs to go away and im trying to hurry that process up by doing my part, so yea sorry bout your luck too.
February 22 at 9:25pm · Like

 LUCK has nothing to do with this... I BELIEVE IN THE EVER LASTING LOVE OF GOD!!! I WILL NOT PUSH THAT ON YOU OR ANYONE ELSE FOR THAT MATTER. If you continue on the path your on one day you may live to regret it and the same goes for other no believers.
February 22 at 9:27pm · Like

 welp anybody that makes fun of another for believing in sumthing greater than this earth is shallow and that says a lot about their character!! u werent there a thousand years ago to no if jesus was real or not so how could u say its a fairytale u just let us idiots beleive what we wanna beleive and weel let u smart and respected believe wat u want but dont get on fb say were wrong for believing and "brainwashing" our kids when u dont no wa ur talking about
February 22 at 9:30pm · Like · 1 person

There you go again acting like what you believe is actually true lol Its not, just because mommy and daddy taught you it was true doesn't mean its true, go follow up on some science subjects and get back to me. Religion hope and faith and science is based on facts, I think ill go with the facts, plus I have common sense that tells me how crazy religion is.
February 22 at 9:30pm · Like

Thats the problem Whitney I do know what im talking about!!! Science can disprove everything in you religion. you have no idea what your talking about.
February 22 at 9:32pm · Like

February 22 at 9:35pm · Like

Ryan what happened to make you so cynical? FYI I am a scientist and I believe in Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and savior. And, before you answer back with some "smart" to quote Whitney comment. You arent the only one on Facebook that h...See More
February 22 at 9:37pm · Like · 2 people

Katherine wow I cant believe you just said that!!! you make it clear you have no idea what your talking about! like its to the point of being hilarious!
February 22 at 9:37pm · Like

 Ryan DARDEN! If you are as smart as you are claiming, you will know that there are many different views in the science community. FACT!! SCIENCE is about theories. Some proven some STILL NOT! AS a self proclaimed smart person, why dont you take a big box of legos and put them in a big paper bag, shake them up and scream bang. I promise that when you pour those legos out of that bag they will not make ANYTHING, much less the world. Remember that. THEORIES!! Not all of them are fact.
February 22 at 9:46pm · Like · 3 people

 P.S. Said in love my friend and as an intelligent conversation, not a name calling conversation.
February 22 at 9:48pm · Like · 1 person

Human evolution, or anthropogeny,[1] is the origin and evolution of Homo sapiens as a distinct species from other hominids, great apes and placental mammals. The study of human evolution uses many scientific disciplines, including physical anthropology, primatology, archaeology, linguistics and genetics.[2]
February 22 at 9:50pm · Like

now tell me I don't know what I'm talking about!!!
February 22 at 9:51pm · Like

umm ok Christy lets see, theories are based on other facts so that argument holds no ground at all. Evolution has been proved to be fact by the way. I dont think im some super smart person I just know what I believe is true, you dont have to be super smart to believe what I do, all its take is some common sense. My reason for my hatred of religion is because of so many reasons!
February 22 at 10:00pm · Like

Ryan, as an educated person, I know that theories are based on SOME fact, not all of it is fact. As a scientist you should know this, maybe it will take you a few more years to understand that. I hope that whatever school you attend/attende...See More
February 22 at 10:08pm · Like · 1 person

Katherine we all evolved from the same thing, its just at a certain point we separated onto a different evolutionary branch and apes went a different route, trust me. Christy I know that you are a nice person but I am passionate about my be...See More
February 22 at 10:23pm · Like

You are entitled to be passionate. Just as the rest of us are. Glad we could talk intelligently but this scientist must be at work early. Have a good day would love to discuss more someday.
February 22 at 10:27pm · Like

 ok ryan how do u think we got here
February 22 at 10:28pm · Like

Big bang theory ofcourse
February 22 at 10:28pm · Like

 Bag of Legos Ryan!! HEHEHE
February 22 at 10:29pm · Like

Ryan Darden Legos are plastic blocks and can not be compared to the big bang
February 22 at 10:31pm · Like

 O MY, I claim it and it will be. In sweet Jesus name, Amen
February 23 at 1:30pm · Like

This video is perfect for how I see Religion and science, I wish everybody could watch this and come away with the same understanding I have, but I know that will not happen because most people can not even understand what is being talked a...See More
February 24 at 10:31am · Like

Ryan, I watched. I am not even going to go there because no, I might not be as smart as u about science. Who cares, I dont. Look, u believe what gives u comfort and I'll believe what gives me comfort. I dont hold anything against u or anyon...See More
February 24 at 4:22pm · Like

Look I dont mean to be an ass on here, but I just get aggravated when people cant understand where im coming from. Your to caught up on us being as equals when we are not. Atheist and agnostics are looked down upon people of any religion. T...See More
February 24 at 4:36pm · Like

I have always thought about something u just said. If I were raised in a different country I would believe in what they believe in.And that is scary to me. They have no other choice. My dad went to China a couple different times, but it had...See More
February 24 at 4:56pm · Like

Some countries have a choice some do not. The religions they follow are the same ones handed down through generations, no different than Christianity. They are all man made. A world without religion would be a great place to live, that woul...See More
February 24 at 5:07pm · Like

 Nope, I feel no differently about u than I do my favorite preacher. I love God and husband and grandchildren more than u or anyone else. But after that u r all the same to me. And I disagree with u saying a world without religion would mean no hate for other races. Unless u r saying without religion there would not be different races.
February 24 at 5:16pm · Like