Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Giving Credit to the wrong person

This time I was trying to be nice and point out that her son, after doing good in school, should be praised for the hard work instead of giving all the thanks to the make believe guy in the sky. Well that didnt go to well, I really pissed a few people off and they were even acting like I was attacking the child. 

 February 28 at 10:48pm
Angie Horton Dendy
Prayer is a powerful thing...Ty has struggled so much with school and I have prayed so hard for teachers that would help and understand and be patient with him and Resources available to him that would help him.. Praise God we are seeing SO much improvement with him in school!!
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Ryan Darden
 Maybe Ty is the one who deserves the credit, just sayin.
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 Ty will tell u that when we pray before test he does so much better and Ty has been praised for the good work but God is worthy of ALL the praise and glory for this!
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Ryan Darden
 I bet he has test anxiety and praying helps relieve that anxiety, therefore he does better.
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 Been there done that and i know exactly how u feel...proud for the improvement
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 Actually u dont know what Ty deals with and technically its none of ur business and I know u want attention and want me to argue with u but i will not bc this is my status and i am VERY proud of him and nothing u say will change me praising God for an area he is helping Ty in.
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 Thank u michael!
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Ryan Darden
 Not trying to argue, was just making a a point.
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 Great so proud for him ! God is so good and the Power of prayer is awesome !
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 Ryan you might your points to yourself before you get in trouble! JUST SAYING
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Ryan Darden
 Get in trouble by who? lol that is just funny! I was just making a point, deal with it.
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 If you believe you will receive! big or small HE is listening!!!
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Jerri -
 good point Ryan -- so you are saying that God does indeed answer Ty's prayer by relieving any anxiety he may have in a testing process much like what you experienced as a child I remember. After all, we all know and should remember that scripture says we are to cast all our anxiety on the Lord. Way to go Ty. God is indeed ALWAYS faithful!!! Thanks for pointing that out!!
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Ryan Darden
 No im saying that test anxiety can cause people to do badly on test, and getting rid of the test anxiety will help out a lot, no matter how you do it, weather it be by praying, or my meditating or by taking medication. It science not magic. This is what you call a placebo effect, you think something is true and it becomes true and benefits you.

 Ryan I have Heard enough out of you. When you have kids you can corrupt them with your crap. I will raise my kids with god as the main focus. That is the best thing for my family so you deal with it.
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Ryan Darden 
Dude chill out, I was just making a point! What i believe is not crap its real, go read a science book.
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